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Working With Your Dentist to Create the Best Dental and Orthodontic Health Possible.

Offering adjunctive treatment is not something that every orthodontist does. Here at Emily Funk Orthodontics, Dr. Funk is completely committed to your overall periodontal health, no matter how you achieve it. This is why we are proud to offer adjunctive treatment to our patients.

When undergoing adjunctive treatment, Dr. Funk will not work alone. This specific type of treatment involves both your orthodontist, Dr. Funk, and your dentist to be involved.

Since this treatment deals with both dental and orthodontic health, it’s more beneficial to have multiple doctors working together.

So what exactly is adjunctive treatment? What can it do? Keep reading to find out more!

Working Together for Better Results

Adjunctive treatment is described as when a secondary treatment works alongside the primary treatment in order to assist the primary treatment in completing the goal. To simplify, adjunctive treatment is the process of undergoing two treatments in order to reach the desired result.

Since two treatments are being recommended, Dr. Funk will work closely with your general dentist, or a specialist in order to create a treatment plan that works for you.

This treatment is beneficial for both your general dentist, Dr. Funk, and most importantly, you! Your orthodontic and dental health are very intertwined, and being able to complete treatment that benefits both is best for you. This can lead to better future periodontic health, avoiding future problems you might have.

Now that you know what adjunctive treatment is, it’s important to find out what it can do. Check out the next section below to learn more!

Orthodontist Chester Springs PA
Orthodontist Chester Springs PA

Treatment For Every Scenario

Adjunctive treatment can be used for a large variety of reasons, but here at Emily Funk Orthodontics, we typically deal with a few common ones. Our end goals when conducting adjunctive treatment typically include:

  • Opening Space for a Missing Tooth
  • Improving Periodontal Health
  • Correcting a Bite Issue

These issues can be corrected by using many of the different options that we offer, such as:

  • Palatal Expanders
  • Traditional Metal Braces
  • Clear Braces
  • Clear Aligners

The dental aspect of this treatment is completely handled by your general dentist or specialist, so make sure to consult with them to fully understand the length of your treatment.

Regardless of the plan that your dentist has in store for you, Dr. Funk will tailor your orthodontic treatment plan specifically to you, ensuring that you have the best treatment experience possible.

Connect With Us Today!

Adjunctive treatment is a great way to ensure that you’re avoiding potential issues, and to feel more comfortable when it comes to your periodontal health.

Dr. Funk, with your general dentist or specialist, will develop a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to you and your orthodontic goals.

Don’t wait, consult with your dentist and Dr. Funk. To get started with adjunctive treatment, contact us today!

Orthodontist Chester Springs PA