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Shaping Your Perfect Smile

At Emily Funk Orthodontics in Chester Springs, we focus on giving you treatments that match your unique smile goals. Dr. Funk uses her knowledge and the newest orthodontic technology to help you get a new smile easily and comfortably.

We serve families from all over Chester County. Emily Funk Orthodontics is the place to go for up-to-date orthodontic treatment and excellent results. We aim to make straighter teeth and healthier bites with a personal touch. A beautiful smile is a gift you’ll love for many years.

Palatal Expanders

Make Room for a Great Smile

A palatal expander helps to widen the upper jaw so that it better matches with the bottom jaw. The upper jaw develops as two separate bones that gradually fuse after puberty. It’s best to use an expander before these two bones have fused so that they can be gently separated and stabilized.

When the back top teeth rest inside the lower teeth instead of over the top of them as they should, this is called a crossbite. Dr. Funk often recommends expanders to help correct this type of bite, but they can also sometimes be used to help make more space for erupting teeth, even when there is not a crossbite.


Secure Your Smile's Future

The best way to keep your smile looking beautiful is with nightly retainer wear after active orthodontic treatment. Teeth will want to return to their original position after treatment is finished. Protect your investment and hard work by wearing your retainer.

We offer various options, including fixed retainers, clear essix retainers, and Hawley retainers, so that you can decide what fits your needs the best. Because we believe strongly in long-term nightly retainer use, we even offer a Retainer For Life Program, which allows you to get a new retainer every year.

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Teeth Whitening

Brighten Your New Smile

Teeth whitening is the perfect way to add sparkle to your smile after orthodontic treatment. Dr. Funk's professional whitening services are more effective and faster than what you can find in stores.

Our treatments are made to fit your needs and can lift stains and brighten your teeth. Whitening treatments are a wonderful way to celebrate your new smile — and give you even more reason to show it off.