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Surgical Orthodontics Can Drastically Improve Your Quality of Life.

If you’re suffering from chronic orthodontic issues, surgery may be the best option for you. Connect with us to find out more!

If you’re an adult who is suffering from prolonged orthodontic issues, surgical orthodontics may be the right option for you.

Although not all adults who require orthodontic treatment may require surgery, if you suffer from severe orthodontic issues, surgery may be for you.

Surgical orthodontics is adjunctive in nature. If surgery is deemed the best course of action, Dr. Funk will work closely with your oral surgeon to create a treatment plan tailored specifically to you.

So why might you need surgical orthodontics? What can surgery help with? Keep reading to find out!

An Easy and Effective Treatment

Like priorly stated, not all adults with orthodontic issues may need surgical orthodontics. However, in the case of skeletal growth patterns, injury, or birth defect, jaw surgery may be required to correct the issue. Surgical orthodontics is usually only recommended to treat adults, for one main reason.

In growing children, orthodontics is used to modify the size or shape of the jaw bone. It’s easier for orthodontics to modify this in children because they are still growing.

Their bones are still growing and moving, and in some cases, they’re not even fused yet. In adults, it’s a different story. Once your jaw bone stops growing it becomes increasingly hard to change the size and shape of it. This is when surgical orthodontics may become necessary.

As we know, surgical orthodontics is adjunctive in nature, meaning that Dr. Funk will be working with an oral surgeon if surgery is deemed necessary. Although Dr. Funk will not be performing the actual surgery, the orthodontic care both before and after the procedure will all be handled by us.

Dr. Funk will create a specifically designed treatment plan ensuring that you have the most comfortable treatment prior to surgery, and effective treatment afterwards, to help expedite your recovery process.

Orthodontist Chester Springs PA
Orthodontist Chester Springs PA

Several Issues, One Solution

If you’re an adult that’s suffering from an uncorrected orthodontic issue, surgical orthodontics may be right for you. Untreated orthodontic issues can lead to several problems later in life, including bite issues, speech issues, and issues eating.

In addition to helping you find the perfect smile, surgical orthodontics can drastically increase your quality of life. Rather than going through a multi-month process to try to modify your jaw shape and size, a surgery can help within a few hours.

Surgical orthodontics can help adults improve their bite, their ability to eat, ability to chew, and ability to speak. What may have seemed like a permanent problem is now a thing of the past, with surgical orthodontics.

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Are you an adult suffering from untreated orthodontic issues? Surgery may be the best course of action for you.

A simple surgery can help improve your ability to chew and speak, as well as all around just increase your quality of life.

If you think surgery is the best course of action, don’t wait. Contact us here at Emily Funk Orthodontics for more information!

Orthodontist Chester Springs PA