Retainters for Teens

Retainers for Teens Help Protect Your Smile

Understanding how retainers for teens work is easy. Dr. Funk will work with you to decide which type of retainer may be best. This retainer will then be created specifically to prevent their teeth from shifting.

Incorporating retainer wear into your teens life is easy. With several discreet options, your teen will have no limits while wearing their retainer. Find out what style of retainer is best for your teen!

Styles of Retainers for Teens

When selecting a retainer for your teen, it’s important to find the style of retainer that’s best for their unique lifestyle. At Emily Funk Orthodontics, we offer three different types of retainers for teens, each having their own distinct differences.

  • Fixed Retainers

Fixed retainers, or permanent retainers, are retainers for teens that are bonded to the back of their teeth. This option is unobtrusive, comfortable and discreet. If your teen is worried about the appearance of a retainer, this may be the option for them. When a fixed retainer is used, it is unnoticeable. Plus, they can keep it when eating, so there’s no struggle to remember to wear it.

  • Essix Retainers

If your teen had success with Invisalign, then Essix retainers might be for them. Essix retainers are clear retainers for teens that fit snugly on their teeth. The clear design allows for your teen to show off their new smile, all while protecting it. In addition to showing off their smile, it offers a discreet look that makes it impossible to tell a retainer is in at all!

  • Hawley Retainers

Hawley Retainers have been a staple of retainer treatment for a long time. These thin traditional retainers perform their job effectively and can be adjusted with time. Since they are removable, they are easy to clean–just pop them in and out!

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Consistent retainer wear is the most important step of orthodontic treatment. Protecting your teen’s smile is just as important as all the work they went through during active treatment to move the teeth.

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